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The heating layout is individually tailored to suit the customer’s plan and divided into separate zones. The cable is then fastened down just prior to the pouring of concrete. Separate cold tail terminations are provided for later connection at the perimeter of each zone. These installations are normally connected to a controlled tariff that provides 18 hrs input per day at a reduced rate. An insulated home on a concrete floor has excellent thermal stability and the loss of input time is not a problem. If using the system for background warmth, the night-only tariff at half the normal charge rate can also be used.

Floor heat is the most comfortable form of heating, Simple to install & affordable to operate, Hicksville Plumbing and Heating can advise on the correct type of floor heating for your home. We can provide a full quotation and installation service by qualified contractors. Under-tile heating services are also available through wholesalers throughout New York.